Diversity and the Community

Community service is an explicit focus of all Atlanta University Center Consortium member institutions and a prominent ideal amongst many historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Engineering which can be defined as, “the art of problem solving to help other people,” is a natural fit for service-focused institutions.

IDEA uses community outreach to promote a service-based engineering mindset before students transfer to their more traditional host engineering institutions. This helps AUC students increase the awareness and value of their inherent diversity. Service can also be used to make engineering problem-solving more meaningful, promote leadership opportunities, and increase student engagement and retention. IDEA will also use community outreach to inspire those in the community to pursue an engineering education, increasing the diversity of the engineering profession.

Outreach programs will be developed using the PEOPLE framework reflecting the people driven nature of engineering. The tenets of PEOPLE are

Positivity or the reinforcement of confidence and positive self-image. It is the responsibility to be a healthy and well-adjusted person.

Engagement or the action associated with caring for others. It is the responsibility to be service-focused and empathetic.

Oneness or the pursuit of community, support, and agreement. It is the responsibility to leverage the village of individuals that can help.

Professional responsibility or the need to uplift the engineering profession and standards. It is the need to be ethical and effective.

Leadership or the art of making others better. It is the responsibility and skills to inspire the best work and commitment from others.

Excellence or the drive to exceed expectations. It is the responsibility to understand one’s gifts and use them to inspire others to exceed expectations.

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